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What abavcon and IS-BAO can do for you

“Safety first” has always been the most important driver for your aircraft operation.
Abavcon and IS-BAO offer you a highly recognized audit standard to bring your organization on an international level of operational quality and safety management systems.
Your IS-BAO certification will bring you way up in the customer experience in Avinode search results, adding the IS-BAO icon to your quotes.
Your team will undergo a standardized audit process together with abavcon´s IS-BAO auditors.
The combined efforts of your team will open a new horizon for you as a member of the IS-BAO certified operator community. 

Abavcon´s auditors will assess your individual level of IS-BAO compliance in 3 stages, each stage will allow enough time for a successful integration of safety management steps. From basic documentation via successful implementation to increased effectiveness.

IS-BAO´s goals are:

  • Establishing a framework for effective safety and operational processes
  • Providing tools to facilitate the implementation of best practices
  • Delivering a Safety Management System (SMS) appropriate to all operational profiles

As the globally recognized voluntary safety standard, IS-BAO helps operators apply industry best practices by challenging them to review and compare their safety-related policies, processes and procedures, and then make improvements, elevating them to the worldwide standard for business aviation.